Cirrus SR-22-GTS

The newest gem in the OpenAir Fleet, the Cirrus SR22-GTS is a fully loaded premium flight experience.

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OpenAir’s fleet of Air Taxi and Charter aircraft are 2015 or newer. OpenAir’s Air Taxi and Air Charter aircraft feature state-of-the-art technology, safety, reliability, comfort, and performance. Accept no substitute. The first time you sit in the cabin of an OpenAir Cirrus aircraft, prepare to have your perceptions shattered. No other personal aircraft comes close. Every detail and ergonomic appointment is crafted and designed to make travel as enjoyable as it is cost-efficient and time-saving.

A simple afternoon flight becomes an exercise in pure pleasure. Extravagant? More like invaluable. Uncompromising luxury makes the SR22-GTS the world’s most elite aircraft. Every sumptuous design element is coupled with top-of-the-line features, ranging from a powerful 310 horsepower engine to an anti-ice system and onboard satellite weather. The airplane is the undisputed high-performance class leader with its easy handling and advanced technology. Its peerless design makes it the perfect marriage of safety and luxury.

Whether your destination is business or pleasure, OpenAir’sCirrus SR-22 GTS will get you to closer to where you need to be in less time than the major airports. When time is money, both are well invested in flying with OpenAir.

With cruising speed of over 200 mph and luxurious and comfortable seating for 3 passengers, OpenAir’s fleet of Cirrus Aircraft will get you where you want to be fast and refreshed. Because OpenAir utilizes small regional airports, you can get closer to your final location.

OpenAir offers a Block Time Package that provides all the benefits of personal air travel without the hassles of ownership. Click here for more details.


OpenAir pilots are highly experienced and qualified for commercial service. They are regularly tested to FAA standards and regulations for air carrier operations.